• Returner's Program

    Pakathon's Returner's Program is designed to empower Pakistani expats who want to launch projects in Pakistan by connecting them to funding, resources and a community of like-minded change-makers. Our goal is to reverse the brain drain in Pakistan by helping skilled Pakistani expats move to Pakistan and launch businesses. We will help you in the first phase of your journey and connect you to accelerator programs operating in Pakistan.


  • This is what your journey could look like

    Phase One

    Boston: You want to work on a project in Pakistan

    You are based outside of Pakistan and want to do meaningful work in Pakistan. Come to events hosted by your local chapter or start your own.

    Phase Two

    You are ready to start your journey to Pakistan​

    You're still in Boston. When you're ready to move back to Pakistan, apply to our Returners Program through the application form on our website. If you think this is not for you, you might consider being a volunteer or donor to help others who are moving back.

    Phase Three


    You have landed in Karachi. We will be checking in with you at least once a month to help you with your goals and whether you need any other connections outside of the accelerator program you have gotten into.

      Phase Four

      Your company is maturing and hitting milestones

      We will evaluate your company for a potential investment of $10 - 50K.

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